If I would not make music, I'd go insane.

I'm sure I would end up in a padded room - not in a recording studio, but in a mental hospital.

My Songs tell stories, that either I have lived, or people I met have. Oftentimes they mingle with my dreams.

Mario Knapp

photo: © murxen alberti


In my Munich Laboratory, I produce singer/guitarist/songwriter/ americana/ambient/pop/neofolk – Records. My Songs are hand-played, raw performances mixed with deep, warm ambient sounds and gentle atmospheres.

I started as a so-called studio musician, a session singer, recording albums for other artists, doing commercials, tv and movie stuff, composing filmmusic, playing in different bands like M, Curt Cress Clan and Knapp. But my heart was somewhere else. My first love was a little 4-track cassette machine to record with. I made a decision to fully dedicate my life to making my own music - except for three years, when I pursued a totally different career as a toilet cleaner. Realizing that 'a lot of beautiful things just grow out of shit' (Brian Eno), I started Mobile Ethnic Minority.

So far I've made six M.E.M. Singing Albums: Exposure (2016), Good (2016), Turtle Yeah - Live From The Lab (2015 - Double Album), Soul (2014), Sun Seeker (2012), Songs & Sonics (2011), and two Instrumental Albums. I do a lot of solo shows, singing and playing electric & acoustic guitar.

Mario Knapp